Thursday, 17 November 2011


i wrote my first article two years back,luckily it was published in the Jang Magazine,the topic was about the education of Islam.

once again i am going to write a article hope you like it:

Iam going to talk about the education,in my opinion and this is alo a fact that the person should get education of his /her own choice,where he/she has many familis i personally visited where child is very skiled in some other subject than the subject he/she is taking,in many countries this is the imag that is created that doctors,engineers and pilots are considered to be high,every parents wants that their child should get educated in these fields,its true that doctors are the best,engineers are intelligent,pilots are courageous,but just think that what your childs demand,in which subject he/she is more powerful.

                                                                 (progress in upwards)
and this will result in the failure of the student,and also it is impossible to take the country on the road of the progress.thi will also effect the phsychy of the child,i am sure if the option is given to the child to choose what he/she wats,then there wil be a great progressoin.some parent do competition with other children,in this case the child again spoils.There is also the duty of the teachers to guide the parents in these circumstances,as they as considered to the 2nd parents,i hope if tis strategy is adopted then our children will be upcoming good doctors engineers,ilots,singers,artists,actors/actreses,policemen,whatever they become,al we need i to change our thinking, thanks.

                                                                                                   (by sunny)


  1. True..agree with you! Being a student of Masters of Education I know whats the position of Pakistan! our teacher told us that only 4% of our youngsters are in university education! I was thinking before 70/80% youngsters are highly educated here but it was really a FACT for much sad fact it is :( other Asian countries are so rich in their literacy rate but we are not :(

  2. Very inteligent post... I'm bad in english, so I must use translation xD
    I must agree with you- I think when child like language and (for example) poetry- why tell him "You must be good at math" I don't understand. People are different and should do what they like. I hope you understand me, and sorry for mistakes :D

  3. I agree 100%, but I will admit I would love it if my children are better off in life than we have been able to give them.

    I wish this was something my parents would have read many years ago when I went into college wanting to be a religious studies professor and I had parents telling me that was not a good field and that I needed to go into Law or some other kind of field. Needless to say, I quit going after a few semesters.

  4. very true,i like your idea,impressive.

  5. You are saying that education should be child-centred. Absolutely right. Unfortunately this government takes the extreme opposite view. Considers education should fit the needs of the state even before those of the individual.

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  7. Sunny, I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, in our countries only career paths like engineering and medical are considered the best. You are absolutely right regarding a child following his/her heart and passion. Nice post!


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