Saturday, 1 October 2011

Beautiful words

I do not understand banks,why do they attach chains to their pens
if i trusting u with my money,you should trust me with your pens:)

2-Real friends never leave each other,
they just sometimes sit silently,
deep with each other,just their heart says
"i am here if you need me."

3-Money cannot buy happiness....
but somehow,its more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a cycle.
forgive your enemies,but remember their names,
help a man when he is in a trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again,
most people are only alive because its illegalto shoot them,
alcohol does not solve any problem,but neither than milk..
so cheeeeeersss.................:)

4-People say,
find good people and leave bad ones
But i changed it as,
Find the good in the people and ignore the bad in them,
no one is perfect:)

5-The worst regret we can have in life,
is not for the wrong things we did
but for  the thousands of right things we did for wrong people..

6-Never ever say anything that it is" impossible"
the word impossible itself means

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  1. I think the first one is the most amusing.
    Banks are thiefs, that's why they think everybody is a thief.

  2. hi sunny,good to see you on the blog,there is a little bit problem with my id so my be i commet as annoynmus,good selection of words,congrats,from your friend lilly.

  3. Do you trust them with your money - really trust?


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