Sunday, 23 October 2011

Journey to Pakistan

Hi and Aslam o Alikum to every one,i just wanted to take alittle bit rest from poetry and show you something,there are some pictures of my country(Pakistan),hope you will like them,so

                                                          Welcome to Pakistan
                   now! packup your staff and get ready for the trip of murree with me.
i decided first i show you the pictures of murree which is very famous place,most of the people use to go there to spend there honey moon,mostly for picnic
little about murree:
Murree city is a popular hill station and a summer resort, especially for the residents of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and for the cities of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Murree is also the administrative centre of Murree Tehsil, which is a sub-division of Rawalpindi District and includes the Murree Hills.

                                                    this is the view of murree in water.   snow, snow, and snow
                                       there are people,enjoying the chair lift.

                                                this is mall road where people buy different items, some are the traditional
like clothes and jewellery.

                                            Pindi Point is one of the favourite places in Murree.

                                            sindhi dress in the shopes of mall road


                                      Gone are the gilded pine cones and traditional handicrafts today`s brand

here for ladies,traditional jewellery.


                                  sanatorium and the Ghora Gali.different food items are available here

Hope you will enjoy a trip of murree with me,next time i will take you to other places of Pakistan .
good bye,take care:)   


  1. Sunny,

    Thank you for sharing such delightful photos of Pakistan and the Murree.
    It is a refreshing idea from poetic words, but invites the reader to share your homeland.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. WoW! What a wonderful place, the mountains look beautiful!!

  3. Sunny, I have been to Muree twice. God place for tourists. Kashmir point and Pindi Point offer a fascinating scenery from the top.
    *****Please visit my page tomorrow to see a new post on Pakistan.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow!such a scenic beuty,murree is one of the beautiful place in pakistan.thanks alooooot for sharing this,and nice change

  5. Fascinating post. Travel scripts are so much more colourful somehow when you have a connection to the author.

  6. Thanks for this peak into your homeland. It puts a real life face on Pakistan where you come from. In my ignorance I didn't even know you had snow in Pakistan.

  7. Lovely pictures. Very interesting.

  8. Asalamu alikum I remember going to murrey when I visited same place. Thank you for following my blog.. Feel free everyone.

  9. Beautiful pictures, Sunny! Keep them coming.

  10. I enjoyed your tour of Murree....the mountains and snow are very beautiful.

  11. it is making me to take descion for check out this place once again and sunny that a good thing you are sharing our country's beauty with all i appericate your job

  12. @grandmother..... we have snow in Pakistan and it remains throughout the year in nothern areas and we have all the seasons herev too through out year
    we love our country very much............

  13. thanks alot for every one for the kind responses

  14. It looks beautiful and interesting there. Thanks for showing us another part of Pakistan.


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